Fourteen Teeth

Fourteen Teeth is the place to view the best blogs about fixed gear and track bikes at a glance. That's it.


  1. City Cyclist: Let them ride…
  2. The Come Down looks a bit small…
  3. Red Hook Portraits are the new Red Hook Video!
  4. Merckx Monday: Eddy Merckx and Jacky Ickx!
  5. I ride the line…

The Radavist

  1. Manual for Speed Unveils the Space Panda Look Book and Kit
  2. The Athletic Portland Grand Opening Party
  3. Mash SF: New Top Caps
  4. Spencer’s Icarus Forest Service Green Light Tourer
  5. Are You Reading Dan Chabanov’s Column?

Latest Fixed Gear Bikes from Pedal Room

  1. Low Pursuit
  2. Olmo Purple Reign
  3. Aventon Mataro 52cm
  4. Cervelo T1
  5. 1993 Cannondale Track (Blister Blue)

  2. Fixed High Ride @ TheMost Odessa.
  3. Wolfdrawn: Taking a Dip.
  4. Rovolights Goldsprint Face-off PDX!
  5. Royal | Red Hook Crit Milano 2014.

PEDAL Consumption

  1. MASH | New Top Caps
  2. New Cadence Headwear
  3. ABUS | 410 Ultra U-Locks
  4. Upright Cyclist | 12.5 OZ Riding Denim
  5. Chrome PDX Goldsprints!

The 5th Floor

  1. HPCX by Angelo
  2. Whirlybird CX by Eloy Anzola
  3. Bellroy Elements Product Review: Angus Sung.
  4. Parkour Ride
  5. KOM Tour GoPro Footage by Daniel Slotte

Cycle EXIF

  1. Saffron Frameworks Welsh Road
  2. Lino Messori – At the Speed of Heart
  3. Legor Cicli 29er
  4. Insight: Cicli Spirito
  5. Gear: The Wheel Dishing Tool


  1. Lino Messori
  2. Plan B / Golden Saddle Cyclery
  3. The air is free – the pump is not.
  4. A bump in the road of life.

Urban Velo

  1. The Holy Week of Cyclocross
  2. Driver Hits Cyclist, Sues for Damages
  3. I Love Riding in the City – Marni Duffy and Dena Driscoll
  4. Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship
  5. Curves ‘N’ Turns

Cycling W.M.D.

  1. Danny MacAskill Rides the Infamous Ridge on the Isle of Skye..
  2. A gnarly collection soon to be for sale!
  3. Brooklyn Bike Jumble TOMORROW 9/13!!
  4. Get the FUCK off my lawn!
  5. ENOUGH..

Milano Fixed

  1. camelblues
  2. leggero a pranzo
  3. donuts
  4. ghisolfa spara
  5. jersey da sera

Bike Blog NYC

  1. I’m Driving Here! I’m Driving Here!
  2. Life Is A-Floating Bike-Highway, In London
  3. Taking Sukkot On The Road
  4. Virgin Atlantic Flying Around The World-Then Fly On A Bicycle When You Get There.
  5. The Gridlock Guru Makes Suggestions to Enforce Street Safety

Bike Jerks

  1. Back
  2. BMX Video Monday
  3. 10/11 Bandit Cross Photos
  4. Track or Treat 8 Official Flyer
  5. The LSD No Hitter