Fourteen Teeth

Fourteen Teeth is the place to view the best blogs about fixed gear and track bikes at a glance. That's it.


  1. Nice ass!
  2. Kinoko Cycles presents…
  3. Leather and lace…
  4. Bicycle Super Swap this weekend!
  5. Nagasawa Road Bike over at The Radavist!

The Radavist

  1. Firefly Bicycles: Geometric
  2. Model Citizen Made in the USA Merino Cycling Apparel
  3. No Sus No Fuss
  4. Tenspeed Hero: Spring Sportif
  5. A Bottle of Bourbon and A Bicycle

Latest Fixed Gear Bikes from Pedal Room

  1. Unkown lv1
  2. Felt Tk3
  3. Unknown Lv1 Hi polished 55
  4. Visp TRX999 Drögo
  5. Leader Renovatio

  1. FF Power Hour 11.
  2. Lucas’ Unknown SL1.
  3. FGMF: Run The Egyptian Border Extras #1
  4. Suck My Cog: Thai Takeover.
  5. Red Hook Crit.

PEDAL Consumption

  1. State Bicycle Co. | 420 Munchies Kit
  2. TCB Courier “No Garmin No Rules” T-Shirts
  3. 2014 Red Bull Ride + Style
  4. Speedvagen | 2014 Custom Overt Road Machine
  5. CYKELN Magazine | Issue 09

The 5th Floor

  1. Leo’s BD BMX bash by Andy Matthews
  2. Paris – Roubaix by James Hyatt
  3. Battenchill by Chris Pino
  4. Battenkill: A Race of Firsts
  5. Red Hook Report by James Hyatt

Cycle EXIF

  1. Review: BOgear Spare Camel
  2. Sven Cycles x Paniagua
  3. Airtight Cycles Möbius
  4. Tommasini Super Prestige
  5. Braun Cycling ‘Beauty’


  1. How to change a flat tyre / tire.
  2. Remembering and forgetting
  3. The Kamikaze Pilots of the 90s
  4. Wake me up before you go-go Campagnolo!
  5. Hump day!

Urban Velo

  1. This Is My Opus — Urbanista
  2. Kaleidospoke Santa Fe
  3. ALFEX “Art On Wheels”
  4. Niner RLT 9
  5. Friday Follow – XSTEEVOX

Cycling W.M.D.

  1. BIG Group of tasty NOS Dura Ace Track gear just came in!!
  2. Progress on the schmancy lugged True Temper aero seat tube frame!
  3. Sorry it's been slow lately..
  4. Untarckify your Tarck with the 'BREVET' SPECIAL!!
  5. 8-I

Milano Fixed

  1. pattern
  2. speed
  3. chris king buzzworks offset headset
  4. Dakine World
  5. fixed lollhiphop

Bike Blog NYC

  1. Video Fridays-4/11/14
  2. JP Bevins portraits on the Women of the Red Hook Crit
  3. Tour of Staten Island-4.13.14
  4. The Rat Race Alleycat-5/10/14
  5. Bike Fashionistas? Strut Your Stuff

Bike Jerks

  1. Records
  2. The Greatest Photograph of a Fully Loaded Bike Ever
  3. With Love
  4. Race Face
  5. Symbols