Fourteen Teeth

Fourteen Teeth is the place to view the best blogs about fixed gear and track bikes at a glance. That's it.


  1. Happy Birthday John!
  2. Hopefully this is my view…
  3. See you guys later!
  4. Who wants to go on a road trip?
  5. Golden Hour Low!

The Radavist

  1. Thereabouts Video
  2. 700×33
  3. SOLD OUT: The Radavist Talisman Pocket T-Shirt
  4. Cycling Tips: Thereabouts
  5. Spring Classics: Rapha Shaving Cream

Latest Fixed Gear Bikes from Pedal Room

  2. Planet-x
  3. 199(?) 60cm custom Davidson Track bike
  4. Cinelli Mash Parallax 2014
  5. Cinelli Mash Parallax 2014

  1. Leader x Vans Japan.
  2. Wheel Talk: Turf Sundaze Episode 4.
  3. 10 Jahre Maikätzchen Alleycat in Hannover!
  4. Justin and Coda: Guthrie Park Edit.
  5. Chrome Spring Riding Kit.

PEDAL Consumption

  1. The Radavist “Talisman” Pocket T-Shirt
  2. Leader x Vans
  3. Mixed Works | New Website
  4. Monster Track XV Teaser
  5. Wild in the Streets

The 5th Floor

  1. Portsmouth Easter Open Meeting
  2. 2014 Good Friday Meeting by Erik Jonsson
  3. Coming Soon; Bidons not Bottles….
  4. Full Windsor Nutter: Long Term Review
  5. Leo’s BD BMX bash by Andy Matthews

Cycle EXIF

  1. Jim Bundy Spirit Road
  2. Gellie Custom Tandem
  3. Argonaut Cycles at Aether Apparel NYC
  4. Review: BOgear Spare Camel
  5. Sven Cycles x Paniagua


  1. How to change a flat tyre / tire.
  2. Remembering and forgetting
  3. The Kamikaze Pilots of the 90s
  4. Wake me up before you go-go Campagnolo!
  5. Hump day!

Urban Velo

  1. San Francisco Bait Bikes
  2. Bamboo Bicycle Club
  3. I Love Riding in the City – Valdemaras
  4. Timbuk2 Launches Life Cycle program
  5. Monster Track XV Teaser Video

Cycling W.M.D.

  1. BIG Group of tasty NOS Dura Ace Track gear just came in!!
  2. Progress on the schmancy lugged True Temper aero seat tube frame!
  3. Sorry it's been slow lately..
  4. Untarckify your Tarck with the 'BREVET' SPECIAL!!
  5. 8-I

Milano Fixed

  1. Yowamushi Pedal #24
  2. ICMC hip pouch
  3. bike of the day
  4. 8 steps to perfection
  5. sistema di forze equilibrato

Bike Blog NYC

  1. Video Fridays-4/11/14
  2. JP Bevins portraits on the Women of the Red Hook Crit
  3. Tour of Staten Island-4.13.14
  4. The Rat Race Alleycat-5/10/14
  5. Bike Fashionistas? Strut Your Stuff

Bike Jerks

  1. Back Next Week
  2. All City Championships 2014: Save The Date
  3. Fijate Warm Up Party
  4. Dose of Awesome
  5. Cross Ride This Evening