Fourteen Teeth

Fourteen Teeth is the place to view the best blogs about fixed gear and track bikes at a glance. That's it.


  1. Heading to Grinduro!
  2. Sugar Wheel Works: Pretty Damned Awesome!!!
  3. Brendan Lauer: The man behind the two amazing videos below…
  4. Town and Country with All-City!
  5. Ben Weaver: Surrounding Water

The Radavist

  1. Charlie Cunningham Medical Relief Fund
  2. All-City: Mr. Pink Town & Country
  3. Salsa Cycles: Ben Weaver – Surrounding Water
  4. Garrett’s Blackened Zombie Hunter Disc ‘Cross
  5. Inside the 2015 Bike and Beer Festival

Latest Fixed Gear Bikes from Pedal Room

  1. My new track , Planet X
  3. Colnago Dream Pista
  5. middleasta

  1. All-City | Mr. Pink : Town & Country.
  2. Delta Days | Clarksburg.
  3. Mayhem Rolltop V2.
  4. Cagliari Fixed | Ride Me Hard.

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Cycle EXIF

  1. Review: Wheelworks Maker Wheelset
  2. Seven Cycles 622M SLX
  3. Toad Custom Cycles Blue Road
  4. Donhou Cycles DSS2
  5. Spoon Customs X Sam Dunn


  1. Virginia is for Lovers
  2. Speedvagen – The grower
  3. Vanilla is the new Black
  4. How to #baaw
  5. Hazzard County

Urban Velo

  2. Issue #45 – Available Online
  3. NEOCycle 2014
  4. For your “Black Friday” Shopping Pleasure
  5. Goldsprint Overdose

Cycling W.M.D.

  1. Me at my stoney balony best in a short video called: FREAK BIKES!!!
  2. Fastest wheelie machine EVER!
  3. The Brooklyn Bike Jumble is THIS SATURDAY May 9th!!
  4. Every now and then..
  5. SUPER SEXY Curtis Odom track hubs FOR SALE!!

Bike Blog NYC

  1. Cell Phone Snatching Cyclist, Caught On Cam
  2. Fourth Of July With Track Or Die
  3. Red Bull Mini Drome 2015 wrap up-Video
  4. Making Kids Bikes A Priority
  5. Red Bull Mini Drome Is Back-Figure 8 Track This Friday-6/19/15

Bike Jerks

  1. Fat Chance Project
  2. From the Bottoms
  3. Western Odyssey: Going Back To Denver
  4. Throw Back Thursday
  5. Bandit Cross Night Moves 5, This Sunday!!